keskiviikko 19. heinäkuuta 2017

Ecological Tallinn with low budget

Eco travels are easy - eating vegetarian food, travelling ferry,  Low budget is easy, too. One day travel card in Tallinn cost 4 euro, the card itself 2 euro. Unless you use your own card from last years or so. Tallinn is no longer cheap town but it is free of charge walking in old town and photographing details of doors, un-authorized street art, and buy your healthy vegetarian snacks ir bread or fruits in Rimi shop. Then travelling with bus and stop when ever it looks fascinating... the communist monuments, lushy burlesque statues, teletower or graveyard in forest. Botanical garden cost lots of money - like 8 euros, but it is wonderful to walk and look people with wings to jump from teletower and flying to the ground. Watch out insects like ticks. We had lunch in indian restaurant Elevant which wasn´t cheap but not so expensive like [other] tourist traps. Souvenirs? Sure. I wanted to buy one Edward Snowden matchbox from russian souvenir shop. But there wasn´t any! Like in every time before. Now there was awful putinish and turumpish junk everywhere. Times they do change.
    Travels in Tallinn, Estonia, ekologisesti ja edullisesti Tallinnan matkalla, 10.7.2017 valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara, photographer Satu Ylavaara:

 Travels, Tallinn, Estonia, Tallinna, matkalla,

10.7.2017 valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara, photographer Satu Ylavaara:

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