keskiviikko 30. elokuuta 2017

Photographing city. Low budget travels to Stockholm with ethical and ecological way

From Helsinki Finland with ferry over Baltic Sea to Stockholm eating vegetarian food, not using cars, not using aeroplanes, not having Hollywood showers... Easy. Walking and photographing in Stockholm is free: street art, changes in area of Slussen, that looks like Checkpoint Charlie, walking after Lisbeth Salander from the book Men who hate women, watching Det Litterära Stockholm -signs over the city which tells about books that tells about Stockholm. Aesthetics of tattoo parlours, and birds, bees, dragonflies and butterflies in the park on last day of summer, 28th August. Seeing tourist traps, gorgeous sculpture, graffiti and getting free waters to your water bottle from tourist info.

Low budget travels, Stockholm, Sweden. Low budget travelling, ethical travelling, ecological travelling, travelling.
Low budget travels to Stockholm with ethical and ecological way

Sun set of the alcemist

Beautiful sun set at the Baltic sea, no-one is throwing neither plastic bottles nor plastic bags to the sea. Peace. Colours of amber and ocean, for ever blue movement of water. Shine of golden... Auringonlaskut, kauniit auringonlaskut, ikuiset, ikuistettavat, ikuistettava, auringonlasku, merellä, Tiukan budjetin matkat, ekologiset matkat: kasvisruoka ja ei autoa eikä lentokonetta. Vastavärejä, oranssia ja sinistä, meripihkaa ja merta... Kultaa ja veden ikuista liikettä.

voyage, travel photos, low budget travel, ecological travel: vegetarian food, no car, no aeroplanes. Sun set of the alcemist