keskiviikko 1. kesäkuuta 2016

Hollywood Vampires & Johnny Depp!

Children of the Night - what music they make! Gröna Lund Tivoli Stockholm 30.5.16 Huh huh ultimate party band Hollywood Vampires & Johnny Depp! that houseband was celebration of Keith Moon and Morrison. And recently also Bowie & Lemmy and maybe Syd Barret, too. And Christopher Lee. Including Alice Cooper and Joe Perry. Coolest piece: Suffragette city. Alice in count blouse vampyyri kreivinpaita with blood drops...
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 house band Hollywood Vampires & Johnny Depp! Gröna Lund #HollywoodVampires & #JohnnyDepp #GrönaLund #AliceCooper and #JoePerry

Was this get the grip tour? Yeah, absolutely. Althought not every body could sing Sweet Emotions correct... ;) Touching myself after retouching Johnny Depp - photos. Or vice versa ;) Enjoy!

Satu Ylavaara Photography,  Satu Ylävaara Photography,
Satu Ylävaaran valokuvia,

Satu Ylavaara Photography,  Satu Ylävaara Photography,
valokuvaaja Satu Ylävaara, photographer Satu Ylavaara,
 Satu Ylavaara Portfolio, Satu Ylävaara työnäytteet
The Last Vampire
Raise the Dead
I Got a Line on You
(Spirit cover)
20th Century Boy
(T. Rex cover)
Pinball Wizard
(The Who cover)
My Generation
(The Who cover)
Manic Depression
(The Jimi Hendrix Experience cover)
Cold Turkey
(Plastic Ono Band cover)
Come Together
(The Beatles cover)
7 and 7 Is
(Love cover)
Whole Lotta Love
(Led Zeppelin cover)
Five to One / Break On Through (to the Other Side)
(The Doors cover)
Rebel Rebel
(David Bowie cover)
Suffragette City
(David Bowie cover)
As Bad As I Am
Stop Messin' Around
(Fleetwood Mac cover)
My Dead Drunk Friends
Ace of Spades
(Motörhead cover)
I'm Eighteen
(Alice Cooper cover)
Sweet Emotion
(Aerosmith cover)

Train Kept A-Rollin'
(Tiny Bradshaw cover)
School's Out
(Alice Cooper cover)

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